Criminal Justice Reform

Our prisons have become debtors prisons and it’s time to look for a better way. I want to work to make sure that Oklahoma’s Justice system is fair for all.

1) Harsher Penalties for Rape, Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Currently, 1st Degree Rape carries a minimum sentence of 5 years and 2nd Degree Rape carries a minimum sentence of 1 year. I want to up these minimums to 10 years on 1st Degree and 5 years on 2nd Degree.

2) Return Subpoena power to Criminal Defense Attorneys

Did you know that your attorney has more power to defend your property than your life? Currently in Oklahoma, Criminal Defense Attorneys do not have the ability to get un-redacted information from Law Enforcement on behalf of their clients. The power of the subpoena has been taken away from Criminal Defense Attorney’s with regards to Law Enforcement by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals.

3) Bail Reform

  • Readjust bail to better fit the crime.
  • Reform the OR and cash bond system to allow for the system to get justice, Oklahomans to be protected and without violating the rights of the people.

4) Judicial Sentencing

  • Allows defense attorneys to make sentencing claims of violation of the 8th Amendment (Cruel and Unjust Punishment protection).
  • Judges can lower sentences that would fall under this claim
  • Prevents people from having to make this claim to an appellate court