Our children are the future of Oklahoma. We owe it to our children and our communities to make sure they have the best education. I want to help create legislation that will lead Oklahoma’s educational system into the future and increase the quality of education for all Oklahoma children.

1) Administrative Level Consolidation

  • Reduce amount of school districts in Oklahoma from 512 to 125 by consolidating districts at the administrative level.
  • Estimated savings – 30-40 Million Dollars
  • Funding saved would be moved to Direct to Class Investments

2) Universal School Choice with Vouchers

  • Parents have the choice on where they want to have their child(ren) educated no matter where you live or what level of income you are.
  • Gives the people the power to give their children the best possible future

3) Educational Savings Accounts

  • Every child would have an ESA account created for them
  • The amount of money Oklahoma spends per child would be invested in the ESA
  • Parents would use that money for the school in which child attends.
  • Parents can invest in that account which will gain standard dividends
  • Any balances leftover will rollover to the next year