My Healthcare Initiative is a specific approach tailored to combating three of the top five medical illnesses killing Oklahomans today while lowering cost to the State of Oklahoma and its taxpayers. The Initiative has five parts in which 1-3 are dedicated to incentivizing lower income Oklahomans with preventative care and combining this with HSAs and Major Medical insurance in an effort to give them the choice of their medical care. 4 and 5 are cost saving measures without sacrificing the quality of healthcare. It consists of:

1) Preventative Health Care Tax Deduction

  • Dollar to Dollar deduction for medical professionals providing Preventative healthcare to lower income Oklahomans.
  • Will save the State of Oklahoma money on preventative services so that money can be reallocated to other issues, like mental health.
  • Will stimulate growth in the Oklahoma economy by leaving more money in Oklahomans pockets.
  • Should allow for lower prices in the private industry market due to the removal of the third party payer effect by removing the low contract rates from Medicare and Medicaid.

2) Health Savings Accounts

  • Increased dividends into HSAs for Lower Income Oklahomans
  • Incentivizes saving money for future medical needs.
  • Will lead to more capability of lower income Oklahomans to handle healthcare costs.

3) Major Medical

  • Tax-Deduction for Insurance companies to configure prices for lower income Oklahomans.
  • Allows for lower income Oklahomans to pay for Major Medical Insurance without increasing cost for all other individuals.
  • Incentivizes insurance for Oklahomans who may not be able to cover the cost of healthcare.

4) Deductible Security for State Employees

  • Allows for more access to healthcare while lowering cost to the State of Oklahoma
  • Let’s State Employees invest in their plan for the future
  • Gains the standard percentages similar to HSAs

5) Mandatory Price Tags

  • Gives Oklahomans the power of choice by releasing prices for services
  • Saves providers and insurance companies money by negotiating all rates prior to service instead of continuous negotiation of prices which raises cost to providers and insurance companies.
  • Creates competition amongst health providers which will lead to lower prices for the people